Saving the Saved

Saving the Saved


This book will get you talking. Saving the Saved peels back the body armor of the church to expose an American institution where nearly 50 percent of its organizations are devoid of a biblical worldview. The result is a counterfeit religion that has put millions of Christians’ faith at risk.

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Today, the church does not speak in unity about spiritual birth, the work of the Holy Spirit, the fellowship of believers, the deepest sickness of the soul (sin), the authority of the Scriptures, the cross of Christ, the resurrection of Christ, nor the importance of Jesus’ teaching on the kingdom of God.

Research shows that thousands of American churches have created their own kingdoms with a redesigned gospel and have convinced many Christians to adopt their definition of the church’s mission. Many Christians are frustrated and have become apathetic as they are asked to embrace this counterfeit movement in the name of Christ.

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